For over 25 years, we have been investing in our students, programs and faculty and technology. The Ridgway experience extends well beyond the classroom, through experiential learning activities, community projects, and enriching off-campus field trips. It is through the Ridgway Fund that we make these, and other exciting opportunities, possible.

Together, we have the opportunity to prepare our students to be thoughtful, engaged citizens and to push the boundaries of learning. Our students would not be the same without your generosity.  Your investment ensures that a Ridgway Christian education continues to be rigorous and exceptionally innovative.



What is The Ridgway Fund?
The Ridgway Fund is the foundation of our school’s philanthropy program. It is available for tuition assistance to help families who may need help in affording the cost of the tuition; supplements the operating budget, funding everything from faculty salaries and professional development opportunities, to landscape maintenance, and building enhancements.  In short, the Ridgway Fund provides critical support and is an essential part of the continuing efforts to support the excellence of the school’s programs. Ridgway Christian School is an inspiring and innovative place.
Why give to The Ridgway Fund?